10 reasons why we love pie!


We wanted to share ten reasons why pies are never going out of style. Pies are especially divine to us because there are so many variations and flavors and sizes and designs in which they can be made while utilizing the same key principles. Whether sweet or savory, fruity or curd-based, small or whole, we love all the pies the world has to offer. So scroll down for some pie inspo and get. yo. life.

In a world of full of cupcakes, be a pie!

Lattice-Top Apple Quince Pie


Beautiful crinkled cut lattice top pie makes you reminisce about long summer days at grandmas! This recipe combines the classic apple with the sour quince fruit (this enhances the apple flavor).

Peach Custard Pie


Peaches and pie crust are kind of like Beyonce and Jay…they were made for one another. Super easy peach custard recipe with a sweet streusel topping.

Cranberry Custard Pie


Custard and fruit are good together, damn-it. That’s why we added this lovely cranberry custard pie garnished with charming sugared cranberries.

Pecan Pie


Get nutty with a pretty pecan pie! Browned butter gives this wonderful pecan pie an even more intense nutty flavor. If you’re a nut for nuts (so corny), make this right away!

Acorn Squash Apple & Onion Galette


Do you see what we see?  If this looks as glorious to you as it does to us, then we like you. We like you a lot. Sometimes we desire savory and this galette doesn’t disappoint. Lots of herbs and wonderful flavor!

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Tart


Get creative with this darling flower decorated Caramel Apple Tart! Always here for classics, the apple and caramel combo is beloved by many for obvious reasons. Turn it up a notch by arranging the sliced apples in a circle to mimic a pretty rose.

Are you drooling yet?? Wait! There’s more!!


Black & Blueberry Rosemary Pie


We are berry..we mean berry (ugh, corny again we know) very delighted to add a berry pie to this list. Extra points for the added rosemary flavor.

Mediterranean Tomato Feta Cheese Tart (gluten-free)


One savory galette is simply not enough! This gluten free tart incorporates fresh tomatoes as the base and an assortment of peppers, herbs with feta cheese and red wine vinegar. Slow clap please.

Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Galette (gluten-free)


Strawberries had to make the list. What is pie without the queen berry? Combine the strawberry with rhubarb and hints of rose, and thanks the heavens.

Rosy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


We had to add one more Strawberry-Rose-Rhubard pie combo for good measure. How dreamy is this pie crust design?!

Drop a comment on your favorite pie below and we’ll send you a 20% off discount code on all pies/galettes!

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